Thank you for your interest in providing foster care for homeless pets residing at A Second Chance Animal Shelter. The Foster Care Program places pets in temporary homes with foster care volunteers until they are medically ready for transport or adoption. Foster homes are vital to our organization and directly affect the lives we save.

Most foster terms are ONLY two weeks per animal. This frees up space at our facility so we can continue to pull death row dogs from the local county pound after their time is up.

While pets are in foster care, A Second Chance Animal Shelter or Rescue Partner provides all the supplies, veterinarian care coordination, and medications needed to care for them. Such supplies and medications are only to be used for animals belonging to ASCAS.  Foster parents are not financially responsible for any foster animal care and needs.

Filling out the enclosed care application honestly and completely is the best way to let us know of your capabilities, experience, and resources. You will be contacted by the ASCAS Rescue Coordinator after your application has been reviewed. Foster care needs vary throughout the year. We maintain a file of approved foster care providers. When a need for foster care arises, approved foster homes are matched with the need and contacted to check availability. You will also be added to our Facebook Group for our Fosters where animals in need of foster care will be posted! Please be sure to update us if there is any change to your contact information.